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Our PHP programmers are well experienced in LAMP (Linux operating system; Apache Web server; MySQL database management system or database server; Perl, PHP, Python).Our team of expert PHP developers has enabled us to deliver and implement solutions that include dynamic PHP websites, e-commerce applications, and intranet applications among others.

The DODITSOLUTIONS ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a sophisticated and robust accounting and operation managment system for small and midsized businesses. With Dod it solutions ERP system you can create a perfect fit for your business by implementing only the modules you need today and subsequently building out your financial and operational system over time as you grow by adding more Dod it solutions modules and Options products. With the Dod it solutions ERP system you can also enhance the productivity of your entire enterprise–beyond the back-office–with end-to-end solutions, such as CRM with Dod it solutions accounting software.

Benefits of PHP / MySQL Application Development:

* Improves your organization’s visibility into business trends by building high-performance data warehouse applications in PHP & My SQL.

* Gives you personalized shopping experience through our Robust PHP Web applications Development.

* Reduces IT costs with a cost-effective PHP & My SQL database application Development that improves profit margins of your organization.

* Reduces operational costs by developing automated application development systems that upgrade your manual processes.

* Streamlines your customer service by giving you highly-responsive, continuously online systems.

* Broad Platform Support – PHP & MySQL supports most popular platforms including Linux, Embedded Linux, Microsoft Windows, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Mac OS X, QNX, Novell Net ware etc.

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